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Commercial Pressure Washing Services by Vortec Enterprises

Vortec Enterprises provides pressure washing services for commercial properties as well. As with residential properties, commercial properties need just as much routine maintenance and upkeep, to prevent the elements of mother nature from causing damages to the property. From parking lots, to patio’s, to multi-story building washes, Vortec has you covered with all your pressure washing needs.

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Hard and soft wash options are available. From home to office, Vortec provides mobile structure washing of your commercial business as well. Look more professional and appealing with a fresh soft wash of your building. A simple structure wash of your business today can help you stand out with cleaner signage, cleaner windows, and cleaner customer environments.

It is a good feeling having your deck or patio clean for guests and customers. Whether you have a small patio, or a full wrap-around deck, Vortec can get it cleaned.
One of the biggest collectors of oil spots and fluid stains, are parking spaces. Over time these stains build up and not only look bad, but can get tracked onto paint markings. This diminishes the visibility of parking spot markings and can weaken concrete. Vortec uses industrial grade exterior surface cleaners that are designed specifically for cleaning asphalt and concrete surfaces. With eco-friendly degreasers and fluid reclamation options, Vortec can remove these stains and get your parking lot looking new and clean again.
Sidewalks can get messy. They can attract vehicle tire and oil marks, or dirt and mud from foot traffic and weather. Vortec Enterprises surface cleaning processes can remove dirt and stains on built up on sidewalks and outdoor walkways, preserving the surface and getting the surface restored back to original conditions.
Having clean visual signage is vital to good commercial marketing and growth. At Vortec, we value that you take pride in your image, and we are here to help you maintain that.
Vortec Enterprises will clean the surface of interior bay floors. Whether it is a mechanic shop or a storage shop bay floor, Vortec will remove stains and debris and get your work area back to clean again.

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