Surface Cleaning

Surface Cleaning Services by Vortec Enterprises

Vortec Enterprises specializes in safe and efficient cleaning of various surfaces. 

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Vortec effectively removes the dirt, automotive oils and seasonal grim that accumulates on pavement over time. One of the biggest collectors of oil spots and fluid stains, are parking spaces. Over time these stains build up and not only look bad, but can get tracked onto paint markings. This diminishes the visibility of parking spot markings and can weaken concrete. Vortec uses industrial grade exterior surface cleaners that are designed specifically for cleaning asphalt and concrete surfaces. With eco-friendly degreasers and fluid reclamation options, Vortec can remove these stains and get your parking lot looking new and clean again.

Sidewalks can get messy. They can attract vehicle tire and oil marks, or dirt and mud from foot traffic and weather. Vortec Enterprises surface cleaning processes can remove dirt and stains on built up on sidewalks and outdoor walkways, preserving the surface and getting the surface restored back to original conditions.

Is your driveway look dull and dirty?  Make it look great again with Vortec driveway pressure washing services! We utilize eco-friendly cleaning agents and professional expertise to produce eye catching results. Give us a call to get started!

We know all about those unsightly oil and antifreeze stains on the concrete garage floor. Or maybe it was spilled paint or other products. Add some dirt to the mix and you are ready for a deep clean from Vortec! Let’s make that concrete bright again!

Vortec Enterprises will clean the surface of interior bay floors. Whether it is a mechanic shop or a storage shop bay floor, Vortec will remove stains and debris and get your work area back to clean again.

Let’s face it, mother nature and pollution is not kind to our outdoor patio and deck areas. Vortec can remove the mold, mildew, dirt, stains and other fun things that people, animals and insects like to leave after a visit. We use the right equipment with the safest cleaning agents.

Clean and eye catching business signage shows that you take your business seriously. Over time, weather and pollution dulls the appearance of your signage. Vortec can make your sign shine again with our state of the art equipment and expert attention to detail.

A dirty solar panel results in decreased power output and less than optimal performance. Improve your renewable solar energy output with our solar panel cleaning service!  Vortec employees understand the great care needed in cleaning solar panels. Schedule your consultation today!

At Vortec, we are experts at quickly removing even the toughest graffiti from various surfaces, while still protecting the integrity of the object/surface being treated. Let’s get started!